Christmas is a holiday that is supposed to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. Families gather with one another in order to give thanks for all that Jesus has given up for us. The read Christmas stories and recall how the three wise men brought gifts for baby Jesus while he was still at the manger. This idea is what promoted individuals to begin passing out gifts during this holiday. It showed that they too are giving a gift to the ones that they love. Today, though,, it seems as if the meaning of Christmas has become lost behind all the presents and shopping that people choose to do. Christmas has become commercialized and no longer has to do with religion. Some people still try to keep the meaning of Christmas alive, but the materialization of it has gone on too long and too far. Christmas should not be about who purchases the best presents and who spends the most money. Christmas should be celebrated within our hearts with those that we love. It should be a time to reflect and realize how important family is and how thankful we are for being healthy and with the ones that we love.

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