Each year, Black Friday sales draws huge crowds to the local malls and shopping centers to find low prices for Christmas gifts. Black Friday sales start the day after Thanksgiving and continue through the weekend. These sales can create bizarre behavior in shoppers. Pushing and shoving can be found within the crowds when the door opens. However, the documentary, “What Would Jesus Buy?” gives a unique look at the commercialization of the Christmas holidays. The documentary reminds you about the true meaning of Christmas. This documentary was released in 2007 and directed by Morgan Spurlock.

The purpose of the documentary is to show you how much money is spent on toys, gifts and Christmas decorations rather than spiritual gifts. Watching the trailer makes you want to watch the movie, because the ideas are presented in a comedy fashion. The Christmas holidays are a time for giving thanks and spending time with loved ones. Many people go deeply in debt buying Christmas gifts for friends and family members. The documentary provides a refreshing view for anyone who is stressed out about the holidays. Children also love to watch the documentary and parental guidance is suggested. The next time you feel stressed about the holidays, watch the documentary.Related Article : Is Derrick Rose a Punk or a Genius?

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