The bells will be ringings and carolers will be singing, but it will be a much different tune. This year’s concert songs are all based on the capitalistic views of American economy.

The “What Would Jesus Do?” documentary really puts people in a tight spot. It forces them to recall past holidays where they acted like animals to get to door buster sales. There may not be any footage of themselves in the video, but they can definitely relate.

It is weird, but it all seems like holiday fun and games. People shop and find great deals for their loved ones during the holiday season. This is the sugar-coated message that is sent out. There are even news articles on the boost in the economy thanks to black Friday sales. This makes it seem like consumers are doing the government a favor. The reality, however, is much different.

The very grim reality is that these franchises are making money , but consumers are getting in debt. Most consumers don’t save much of anything. This means that more than half of the Americans that are out shopping are doing it with credit cards. American debt is largely linked to the holiday season.

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