There is tradition of buying for the holidays. No one really knows where this has come from. There is an association with bringing gifts for the celebration of baby Jesus, but it has become a holiday nightmare that is commercialized.

The documentary “What Would Jesus Buy?” doesn’t really focus on a resolution to this shopping madness. It simply paints a picture about the grim reality that has overtaken consumers worldwide. It is somewhat comical in a sense to see that the holidays are viewed this way when very few people even take the time to go to church.

It has become something that has driven Americans further into debt. It is like people cannot resist the thought of a holiday sale. The problem is that most of the people that are into these sales are still getting things with credit cards. They are not paying their balances in full at the start of the new year so it really isn’t much a sale.

People used to anticipate the holiday season and celebrate the birth of Jesus. Today the holidays have become more about black Friday sales and a dread of shopping for gifts. It’s madness and the documentary pinpoints this.

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