The same director that brought us the documentary “Super Size Me” brought us this film about the commercialization, over consumption and materialism associated with Christmas today. Morgan Spurlock’s movie also takes issue with corporations that fuel the shopping fire. Bill Talen is the man who takes us on this journey. Using the alias “Reverend Billy,” he and his band of activists use anti shopping songs to spread the word. “The Church of Stop Shopping” choir take a cross country trip before Christmas, and perform in the streets with signs wherever they go. Singing against corporate giants and toy manufacturers, the group uses humor to get their anti-commercialization point across.Get more information here.

Although the movie is humorous, it does take a look at more serious issues such as addicted shoppers who shop so much they buy things they never use and fill closets with clothes with tags on them they never wear. He engages them in conversation, getting them to confess their secrets. Although Reverend Billy can be a bit much to take with his flambouyant wild personality, and his wife would agree he is, the documentary does a good job of making the point for a more religious, less commercial holiday season.

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