There is a documentary that is going to shock a lot of people that see it. The film “What would Jesus Buy?” is paint an alarming picture of society. Lots of people participate in the holiday shopping madness without even thinking about it. This is what is crazy about this intriguing documentary. Many people will see it and not see themselves in the crowds that are knocking each other over to buy holiday gifts.

It really is turning a mirror on Americans and forcing them to take a long hard look at what they are doing with their money. Even more people have to look at what they are doing with the lines of credit. This is just how bad things are. People are not spending their own money. They are going into debt with credit cards and credit lines. This is money they have not earned and will not be able to pay back.

In the grand scheme of things it is a holiday debt trap. People should see this film and rethink their behaviors. The producers hope to inspire more people to save money for the holidays. It should make more people consider the reason for the season.

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